Posts from March, 2016

  • Contractor Bonds - Who Benefits

    To some people, contractor bonds may seem unnecessary. They might be considered too expensive or only beneficial if a project doesn’t turn out as expected. In reality, a contractor’s bond is crucial; they help clear up insurance issues that seem murky when associated with big projects and...

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  • Contractors Bond Q&A – Answers to Get You Started

    Construction projects are usually necessary for all homeowners at some point. Determining whether you need a bonded contractor should be a priority before you begin any big project. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with a contractor’s bond and aren’t sure they need one, but every homeowner...

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  • H.R. 4611 – What You Need to Know

    The bill known as H.R. 4611 was introduced to the House of Representatives on February 24, 2016. Also called the “No Money Bail Act of 2016”, if passed into law this bill would lead to drastic repercussions in our justice system. U.S. citizens almost uniformly oppose the passing of this...

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